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Welcome to the Beach Bum Threads Community!

My name is Michael and my wife, Justine, and I are the creators of Beach Bum Threads and we're stoked that you're here!

The concept of Beach Bum Threads came to life in a small town in Southern Maine. We both grew up in Wells, Maine then moved to Delray Beach, Florida and eventually found our way back home to Southern Maine after several years. Growing up here is different than where most beach bums grow up because you have to make the most out of the warm summer months. Around here that's when the tourist industries thrive and the small beach communities come to life.

Most people find their way home by October and we're back to our small town living. But that doesn't mean that the time for the beach is over! While most people wouldn't dare go to the beach once it dips below 30 degrees, that's when we thrive. The cold winter months bring blizzards and storms that have the waves cranking, sometimes up to double-overhead. There is nothing like paddling out in the frigid Atlantic water in February, those waves are what keeps the fire inside of us to get through to the warm summer months.

As a brand, we are committed to sustainability through style. That's why we believe in being environmentally friendly. Our threads are crafted to take you from day-to-evening, and are perfect for stepping right off the beach and to the bar with friends or for a nice after beach snack. 

We believe in giving back and doing our part, you can learn more about what we do to help the beach and ocean community here.

We can't wait to get to know you and hope to see you out during the next swell! 

As we expand our brand we hope you'll follow us on instagram for the most up to date info & get to know us a bit better @beachbumthreads

    We'll see you on the beach \m/ 

    -Michael, Justine & Little Vinny