Who are we?

Hey! Thanks for taking an interest in who we are! My name is Michael and I started Beach Bum Threads with my wife Justine and our little guy Vinny. Two year's later we've welcomed the addition of his little brother, JJ.

why did you start bbt?

Honestly, our closet was boring. We both grew up on the beach and you'd find all the big surf brands in our closet. The only issue is that they stopped making fun designs years ago. So we took matters into our own hands.

What's your message?

As a brand, we are committed to sustainability through style. That's why every time you place an order on our site we'll be collectively helping to prevent 1 lb of trash from entering our oceans.

You can learn more about that on our Sustainability Page.

Our threads are crafted to take you from day-to-evening, and are perfect for stepping right off the beach and to the bar with friends or for a nice after beach snack.

Fun Fact?

Most people find their way home by October and we're back to our small town living. But that doesn't mean that the time for the beach is over! While most people wouldn't dare go to the beach once it dips below 30 degrees, that's when we thrive. The cold winter months bring blizzards and storms that have the waves firing (pun intended), sometimes up to double-overhead. There is nothing like paddling out in the frigid Atlantic water in February, those waves are what keeps the fire inside of us to get through to the warm summer months.

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